Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ELECTION GAME CHANGER by Eero Pambid Brillantes and Geraldine Torres-Brillantes

From the Foreword by Senator Alan Peter S. CayetanoThis book is not really about who to vote for. This book is about how to win elections and the dynamics of electoral battle. The more important decisions we make for our family should include who to vote for. Voting for or against someone has direct bearing on our daily lives.

Reading this book should give all of us a better idea of how we can change our country a step at a time. Each one doing so by simply writing the name of the person we think is best to serve God and country. But we would not be able to write down these names unless we know the dynamics of elections.

Nowadays we know of a candidate and his or her image rather than knowing who the candidate really is. This book unmasks the images and goes to the "inside of campaigning and image making". Let me assure you the writers are passionate, love our country and believe in democracy. I hope people will get a copy of this book. It is for everyone and not exclusively for those who are running or want to become candidates.