Friday, February 24, 2012

BUHAY KA: Struggles in Mortality, Glimpses of Eternity by Fr. Robert Reyes

Excerpt from the Introduction:

      "Buhay ka! You are alive! I am alive! We are alive now and in faith, we believe that we will live with God forever!
      The impulse to live resists the opposite impulse to die (Thanatos). Hope struggles against despair. Light struggles against darkness.
      Only those who have had the opportunity to struggle appreciate the meaning of survival. Only those who have had the experience of surviving a struggle, in whatever form, know the meaning of hope.
      My years in Hong Kong, as an Overseas Filipino Worker were colorful and eventful. The lives of fellow OFWs have given me a deeper and richer appreciation of the essence of both faith and culture in a context alien, sometimes hostile yet rich in positive challenges to an outsider. It is in such a context, in life lives in a second home called Hong Kong that I write this book with and for those who shared their struggles for hope, life, and meaning."