Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE PATH TO POWER: An Achiever's Manual by Jose C. Lagutan

Excerpt from the Foreword:

 "Many books on achieving one's goals and higher living abound in the market. They cover a wide range of topics, from self-help to spirituality, the New Age to spiritual phenomena, and so on and so forth. As an enthusiast of all these, I have read quite a number of such books. Sad to say, very few of them have been really helpful. In fact, many give contradictory information, and so the discerning reader is bound to be confused instead of being enlightened.

But once in a while, there comes a rare book on self-achievement and mastership that speaks with the unmistakable ring of truth, and yet is not too abstruse for the common person's understanding. In simple and straightforward language, it presents concepts and facts --- without any embellishments --- to inform clearly both the seasoned student of the esoteric arts as well as those who are just casually interested in the subject. Above all, this book reveals useful advice and techniques that the reader can put into practice, guiding him on such practical pursuits as becoming healthy and materially prosperous, as well as on more unusual pursuits such as developing spirituality and higher levels of consciousness. Such a book is this present volume." - Dr. Jason Galleon, MD, MPH, USRN Imperator for U.S., Europe and Africa Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC, Knights of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica, and Hierophant of Vajrayana, the Path Royale.