Saturday, July 24, 2010

Radical Prose: Selected Writings of Antonio Zumel

From the Introduction by Satur Ocampo

…This book is about the writings of Antonio Zumel, divided into three phases of his life. Part I contains selected pieces he wrote as a journalist until the eve of Marcos’ declaration of martial law. Part II draws from Tony’s writings as a member of an underground Party collective writing for and publishing Ang Bayan, the CPP official organ. Part III covers his writings as a political exile in The Netherlands and as chairman of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).
     …This fact speaks a lot about Tony’s transformation. Willingly, he subsumed himself, a veteran Journalist, to the anonymity of the writing collective that included tyros.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Lifetime of Freedom by Arlyn Dela Cruz

A Lifetime of Freedom by Arlyn Dela Cruz.  "No one but Arlyn dela Cruz can write with authority and intimacy about the Abu Sayyaf Group. She has been through a lot of personal and professional hardships because of her stories, but Arlyn is a survivor. Her courage, her dedication to journalism and her brand of investigative reportage is a unique contribution to Philippine Journalism. Arlyn's book shows the challenges and sacrifices a journalist must face to get a story. Readers must read Arlyn's book with a critical eye to understand the inner workings not only of the Abu Sayyaf but also of the Philippine Media. I envy her candid narration of events." - Jose Torres Jr., Former Chairman, National Union of Journalists in the Philippines and Author of the book Into the Mountains: Hostaged by the Abu Sayyaf.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Together My Brothers: A Journey into Freemasonry by MS Beltran

Together My Brothers: A Journey into Freemasonry by Michael S. Beltran.  A guide book for Freemasons in their journey “to that undiscovered place from whose Bourne no traveler returns.” A guide book for the inquisitive minded persons interested to join Freemasonry, who need a quick and easy way to understand the history and philosophy behind Freemasonry.  A reference book for researchers and students wanting to understand and know about the "secrets" of Freemasonry